Wolfe’s Premium Honey

We’ve learned a thing or two about honey over the years, and we craft every drop of Wolfe’s with a rich tradition of honey making that takes nature’s nectar to a higher level.

Wolfe’s Honey comes in an assortment of flavours to awaken the senses, textures for different uses and with all-natural nutrient infusions to nourish the body. We offer three delicious liquid honeys in 375 gram bottles, five varieties in 500 gram jars, and three berry infused honeys in 375 gram jars – all exhibiting the wholesome goodness we built our name on.

For drizzling over fruit, adding to your favourite recipes or just sweetening your day, Wolfe’s Honey is a naturally perfect fat-free sweetener packed with nutrition straight from the hive. Any way you spread it, you can taste our passion for the craft of honey making passed down through generations in every trickle of pure, premium Wolfe’s.


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